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     We are a family unit American band born in Buffalo, New York. Of which members spring from the fresh waters of the Niagara River, out to the Lower Great Lakes, reaching as far as the Finger Lakes of Central New York. We strive to blend improvised and composed, acoustic and electronic, lyrical and free, pop and avant garde. 

     Born of water, and lovers of the elements,- through respectful study of the rich diverse history and theory of many styles of music; Americana and World, we summon the essence to educate, keep alive, and evolve the music of planet earth, for our wonderfully prosperous Solar system, galaxy, and universe.

Our Music is for all purposes, but primarily to share the groove and dance, inspire and motivate. Put it on in the background, watch it, channel it, study it, exude it, let it play you, sing and dance as couples, and words to sing with friends and family. It takes a village to teach a child well and we love this community, planet, and time.

     We want to give you music that lasts and we promise to play for a good 50+ years and never let you down. You can hold us to that and keep us on our toes.

     We authentically summon while originally fusing the essence of as many types of music as we can. Taking influence from the blues, jazz, rock & roll, country, psychedelic, funk, classical, electronic, ambient, world music, soul, pop, and progressive styles. Old school meets new school. We love to play covers and have over 75 original songs. We write our own words and music and love to give lessons and have guests on stage. You've got a band thats gonna last, planet Earth. 

Soul Mates of the Soular system, UNITE!!! 

We'll see you at our next show. 


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