Musical Influences

     We are an impovisational band from Buffalo, New York - known for our wonderful sports teams , the wonder amd glory of Niagara Falls, a a hosting city of the Pan American exposition, and, of course, Soular Plexus! 

     In early 2017, members Stevie Fleck (Graduating President of National Honor Society, Villa Maria College in Business, Music, and Jazz; lead guitar, lead vocals, trombone, songwriter, composer, sound engineer, producer, sound healer/music therapist/  teacher and lyricist) and UB graduate in environmental engineering, Mitch Moran (Bass guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals, sound healer/music therapist, songwriter, lyricist, percussion) met on one fateful night when he introduced himself to Stevie at Buffalo's own Nietzsche’s to give his condolences for Stevie's lead guitar playing in one of Buffalo's dead cover bands: Dead Alliance Buffalo (DAB). An instantaneous platonic relationship formed out of a mutual love of learning, hard work, and jamming. The two immediately began to study jazz, classical, music theory, and songwriting everyday together as Mitch finished his engineering degree. Mitch and Stevie began seeking the band to support their beliefs in themselves and this world, as Stevie had been on such a long strange trip already. Mitch began on rhythm guitar in the early years of the band, and now assumes the role as lead bassist.

     We found our drummer in October of 2017 at Buffalo's own Iron Works. Tim O'Hara (drums, vocals, groove master, sound healer/ music therapist) used to come and see Stevie perform in DAB and Sonic Garden while he was lead guitar/vocals for both bands in 2017 and approached Mitch and Stevie - stating that we had found our drummer. 

     After a long search, on January 1, 2019, Mike Thompson joined on keys, vocals, songwriting, guitar, and trumpet after an epiphany at Moe. New Years at the Kodak Center. In attendance with Mitch and Stevie, the 3 realized their connection was more than just friendship. Mike spent a year busking in NYC and is a contractor on the side. He previously had performed as a solo acoustic artist and is a long time friend of the band.

     There was a period when he was at every show (along his Dad Steve, who does sound and lights for the band as well as plays harmonica often). He was persistently part of the circle and even came to our practices often just to hang out but spent long hours honing his skills on keyboard when it was clear he was to be the 4th member.



Our music can be described as communicative. There is a definite exchange of insight of sorts, whether it be in thoughts, words, emotions, actions, vibration collaborations, responses or any number of other variables; but at the core, there is always an exchange of information between consciousness. It’s never us playing music for you, against you, at you, no- none of that. This is collective art, this is us making music with you. Making music with each other at the very least, and if you want to be a part and interact with it, well, that’s up to you. But we want you to express yourself and let the music play you just as much as we let it play us through the spirit and group mind we channel. 

Our Musical roots and resulting unique style are Americana: Rock and Roll (especially Psychedelic), Blues (acoustic, electric, and everything in between), Folk, Country, Western, Motown, R&B, Soul, Bluegrass, Tin Pan Alley, Theatre, Ragtime, Barbershop, Dixieland, Swing, Bebop, Free Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Funk, Latin, upon first hearing painfully experimental, contemporary classical, Prog Rock, Reggae, and even Disco, Hip-hop, Techno & Electronica. We basically love music so much and want to have a party with you and just share vibes and culture and teach our children well. Come prepared to dance. And to loosen up.  


We respect and recycle the music that first inspired us to tread our path. We condone the extensive sharing of our music- that’s right, take it! Steal our chords! you can do that legally, it's called a contrafact and happens in jazz all the time. Record our shows, post them online, give the mp3's to everyone if you think this music is good for people- you can have an active part in the growth of our band by spreading the word, and the recordings. In the words of Jerry Garcia, "Once the music leaves our fingers- take it, it's yours". In the words of Stevie Fleck, "You be the Guardian, the keeper of my tune, and I'll Keep on singin', for it's all I can do. Together through the ages, we can live through OUR songs, for the seed of the future does sprout from your palm" (Shapes and Sounds, words and music by Stevie Fleck Jr., 2014).